NEUFRA Freight Forwarding:
Your specialist for HGV haulage

We have taken on the role of working exclusively in freight forwarding, and in this area we have specialised in HGV haulage throughout Germany and Europe. Ever since 1978, we have taken on full and part container load deliveries; we optimise their composition, taking advantage of access to free loading capacities. We deliver the transports neutrally, quickly and reliably to their destinations using selected, appraised transportation companies. With 99 percent quality and measurable price benefits for our clients.

Every day, we send off between 800 and 1000 HGVs. We have 24 branches in Germany as well as affiliated companies in Italy, Austria and Hungary. The main focus of our activities remains within Germany, but for us the market of the future is Europe. Together with our clients, we are moving forwards.